Complimentary Gifts & Services
Enjoy more amazing rewards and perks when you upgrade to the next tier.
Enjoy birthday gifts during your birthday month.
tier upgrade
Receive an exclusive perks with each tier upgrade

Accumulate Points
Earn points every time you shop, connect and share with us.
Shop with Pride
1 Point for every Tk 100 spent
Sign up to program
+100 points
Register your account online
+50 points
Celebrate your Birthday
Redeem gifts in your birthday month

membership levels
Spend per calendar year
Tk 3000 or more
Tk 50,000
Tk 100,000
Insider Rewards
1 point = Tk 1
1 point = Tk 1.50
1 point = Tk 2
Birthday Rewards
Special Occasion Promotions
Members-only Promotions
Welcome gift
Birthday gift
Private sale early access
Free Delivery on all online purchases
Personalised Membership Card
Personal Shopping with Fashion Influencer

how it works
Become a member
Shop Tk 2000 or more and join for free!
Earn Points
Every Tk 100 spent earns you one point.
get rewarded
Use points to redeem exclusive rewards.
Advance to next tier for even more benefits.

Join Pride Insider Rewards
When you sign up for Insider Rewards, you'll instantly receive 100 bonus points that you can use to redeem rewards. Get started and sign up now.
Sign Up in Stores
1. Pride- Banani, Dhaka.
2. Pride – Dhanmondi, Dhaka
3. Pride – Baily Road, Dhaka.
4. PRIDE - Rapa Plaza
5. PRIDE - Dhaka New Market
6. PRIDE - Mirpur 10

You can avail rewards at any Pride store and Urban Truth shop-in-shop, simply by giving your card to the sales clerk, or your membership number at the point of purchase. You can choose your desired rewards, based on your point balance, upto 20% at a time. All Rewards can be redeemed only upon purchase of an item.

We currently allow you to only become an Insider Member by registering online. Redeeming points online is currently not available.
Gold and Platinum Members are eligible to redeem one birthday gift per year during their birthday month. To redeem in-store, no purchase is necessary when you are redeeming your birthday gift. All you have to do is select one item only from our stores to redeem as your Birthday Gift. This offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Pride Limited at its sole discretion at any time.
To become a Gold Member, you will need to spend an accumulated value of Tk 50,000 within 12 months of signing up for Pride Insider Rewards. Your status is valid for a 12 month period. To become a Platinum Member, you will need to spend an accumulated value of Tk 100,000 within 12 months of getting qualified for Platinum Member Status. Your status is valid for a 12 month period.
To maintain any tier status, make sure your account is active by shopping any Taka amount and earning points at least once a month, for a period of 12 months since your registration or tier upgrade. Points do not carry over to the next active year so you must redeem your points within the current 12 months.

To maintain your Gold tier status, and to move to the next tier, you need to shop an accumulated amount of Tk 100,000 within 12 months. To maintain your Platinum tier status, and to move to the next tier, keep shopping any amount every month and redeem your points.

If your account is inactive for more than 12 months, you still hold your current tier status, but your redemption status is demoted to previous tier benefit. Example, if you get demoted, you get to stay Gold Member status, however you can only redeem 1 point = Tk 1.
Pride Insider Rewards Program is a rewards program (“Program”) that allows you to earn points, redeem rewards (“Rewards”), receive member exclusive promotions, welcome and birthday surprises and the latest fashion news. The Program is available in-stores and online for all showrooms in Dhaka and online for all stores in Bangladesh, and requires a single purchase of Tk 2000 or more to join.

How do I earn Pride Insider Rewards points?

You can earn points through any of the methods given below:

  • Every Tk 100 spent = 1 point
  • Program sign-up = 100 points (one-time only)
  • Register online = 50 points

Are there any limitations to the number of Rewards I can redeem in a single purchase?

Unfortunately, due to limited quantities, you can only redeem one unit of any particular Reward in a single purchase in a single day, from a single showroom.